stage 3.5 construction.jpg

Stage 3.5

Pre-Construction & Construction 

Objectives: Contracts prepared & project commencement, any design amendments agreed and issued. 

External Consultants: Prepare contract & issue drawings & address insurance details. 

Timing: Check programme of works.

Planning Requirements: Check planning and prepare and engage building regulations. 

Key Tasks: Issue contract at Pre-Commencement meeting: health & safety (CDM) requirements and logistics of site inspections, building regulation appointment plus access and keys. 

Information Exchange: Contracts, Drawings, Schedules, CDM & or health and safety & initial site inspection. 

What We Give You: A copy of the tender pack to include all listed previously plus the Specification and Schedule of of Works, a list of potential contractors contacted.

Stage 3.6 Site Completion.jpg

Stage 3.6

Site Completion & Handover

Objectives: Handover & termination of building contract

External Consultants: Conclude building contract & collate all valuation certificates. 

Timing: Programme of works by contractor.

Planning Requirements: Acquire building regulation certificates i.e. Gas Safe and Part P. 

Key Tasks: Carry out activities listed in handover strategy & updating of product information as required. 

What We Give You: Handover pack to include; Part P certificates, FENSA certs (if applicable), GAS SAFE certificates, guarantees, all literature from new appliances and equipment. 

Stage 3.7.jpg

Stage 3.7


Objectives: Snagging occurs at practical completion - this is compiled, finalised and agreed. 

Planning Requirements: Ensure the issue of Completion Certificate by approved inspectors. 

Key Tasks: Conclude activities in handover strategy & updating of product information & client feedback. 

Information Exchange: Client feedback and finished photos. 

What We Give You: A sign off meeting with the designer to finalise the project, if necessary.