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Stage 2.3 

Developing and Finalising Design

Objectives: Finalise concept including all design and interior design requirements. 

External Consultants: Discussions with structural engineer and party wall surveyor to ensure concept stays strong & is maintained. 

Planning Requirements: Check and supervise application process weekly, accompany planning officer to site visit. 

Key Tasks: Finalise designs with input of consultants, achieve planning approval and prepare designs for more detail. 

Information Exchange: Copies of all planning application(s) submitted, more detailed finalised designs with annotations.

What We Give You: Detailed design drawings for the proposed project: existing plans, elevations and sections, electrical and lighting plans, above and below ground drainage layout plans and kitchen design details, copy of the planning application(s) submitted. 

Stage 2.4 Technical.jpg

STage 2.4 

Technical Design

Objectives: Tender documents & construction and building regulation details, including tender process and preparing to appoint a contractor. 

External Consultants: Specific details for any third party suppliers i.e. specialist glaziers. Door and window manufacturers etc. 

Timing: Check through timetable and acquire programme of works.

Planning Requirements: Check planning permission & address conditions. If required or submit any amendments for any changes. 

Key Tasks: Detailed discussions with client & construction information and building regulations submission. Prepare specification and schedule and overview of works. 

Information Exchange: Check planning & address conditions or resubmit, copies of specification and schedule of work, all detail drawings and schedules compiled.

What We Give You: Technical design pack: detailed design drawings including plans, elevations and sections incorporating any changes and additional information from additional consultants i.e. structural engineer, Thames Water Build Over Agreement application, Building Control application as submitted, full interior design pack including; detailed kitchen design, electrical and lighting design, preliminary decoration schedule.